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2019 Frequently Asked Questions


Where will I be sitting in 2019?

The current proposed map has been assessed on providing you with the best viewing experience possible.

Proposed seating breakdown for Roosters Members

  • Sydney Roosters Ultimate & Gold Members
    • Premium reserved seating in Bays 4, 5 and 6 in the Bill O’Reilly Stand
  • Sydney Roosters Chookpen Members
    • The Chookpen will become a reserved seating section, with no unreserved seating option so all Chookpen Members will be required to register their seat group leader and group
    • The Chookpen will become reserved seating in Bays 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Bill O’Reilly Stand Concourse
  • Sydney Roosters Silver Members
    • Silver seating will be reserved seating in Bays 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9 of the Bill O’Reilly Stand
  • Sydney Roosters Bronze Members and Flexi Members’
    • Bronze and Flexi Members will have access to Bays 1-5A of the Bradman Concourse/Dally Messenger Stand
    • Please note that we expect our ANZAC Day match to be a fully reserved event and you will therefore be required to upgrade to a reserved seat for this match via Ticketek. Further information including the the process for this will be advised to Members in due course.
  • Priority Group One (1) – Reserved Seat Members
    • Longest serving Members in each category will be allocated first within their Membership category including Ultimate, Chookpen Reserved, Gold and Silver.
    • To qualify, each Member must be a 2018 financial Member by 29th July 2018 to ensure they are considered a part of Priority Group One (1).
  • Priority Group Two (2) – General Admission and Non-Ticketed Members
    • Bronze, Flexi, Supporter and Non-Ticketed Members will be given an opportunity to upgrade their Membership to a reserved seat category by Friday 3 August, 2018.
  • Priority Group Three (3) – Members wishing to purchase additional seating
    • Additional available seats will be offered to 2018 Members, with consecutive years of Membership given priority.
    • Members who would like to purchase additional seats next to them will be required to indicate this through the Seating Group Survey.
  • Priority Group Four (4) – New Members
    • New Members will be prioritised based on their date of purchase.
    • New Members who opt in to our MyPay Program will be given first priority

What happens to my Allianz Stadium seat?

The exact design and seating configuration for the new Allianz Stadium is currently unknown, however, we can confirm that reserved seat Members will be allocated seats based on consecutive years of Membership as well as your original seat at Allianz Stadium to be used as a guide for allocation.

Membership tenure is crucial when it comes to seat allocation so it is imperative that Members continue their Membership throughout this redevelopment period.

What is the easiest way to guarantee my seat at the SCG in 2019?

  • Ensure that you are a reserved seat Member with us in 2018
  • Opt in to our MyPay program. For more information on this program or to opt in, contact our friendly Membership Team.

I want to change seating categories for the 2019 season. How can I do this?

If you would like to change your Membership category, please contact our friendly Membership Team via phone or email to opt in to our MyPay program.

I require mobility access seating. How can I arrange this?

Should you require mobility access seating, please contact our friendly Membership Team with the details of all Members in the group, including the Seating Group Leader (refer to the ‘Grouping’ section) and your specific requirements.


For more information on Grouping, CLICK HERE.

How will groups be prioritised?

Each category of Membership will be prioritised based on consecutive years of Membership (tenure).

Will our group be allocated automatically?

Seats will be allocated following confirmation by the Seating Group Leader, who will be consulted and will then confirm. Members will have the opportunity to request different seats than the ones originally allocated, however, they will be based on best available at the given time.

I want to purchase additional seating. How can I do this?

You can indicate the information regarding your current group and then advise how many additional seats you would like to purchase for the 2019 season.

Do I need to nominate my seating group if I am a Bronze or Flexi Member?

Bronze and Flexi Members who wish to continue with these Membership categories in 2019 do not need to nominate their seating groups.

What is my Account ID?

You can find your Account ID on the initial email you received on the 20th July, or on any other email correspondence from the Roosters Membership Team since.

What is the difference between my Member ID and my Account ID?

Your Member ID (or Member number) is the number that features on your Member card, and the one you would have received when you first came on board as a Sydney Roosters Member. Your Account ID is the number used to identify your seat in our CRM system. Your Account ID is only needed when completing a Reserved Seat Grouping Form.

Consecutive Years of Membership (Tenure)

I believe that my Membership tenure is incorrect. How can I update this?

The Membership records held at the Sydney Roosters will be the primary determinant when allocating seating groups for the 2019 season. Should a Member believe that their consecutive years of Membership is incorrect, the Club will review any supporting documentation provided by the Member prior to Friday 10 August, 2018 and will assess on a case-by-case basis.

I first became a Member in 2017 and have not renewed my Membership for 2018. How will I be categorised if I renew in 2019?

The length of your Membership tenure is determined solely based on consecutive years of Membership. If you were to join again in 2019, you will be considered as a first year Member with the Club. The same principles will apply when we prepare to return to the redeveloped Sydney Football Stadium. If you haven’t already done so, CLICK HERE to renew your 2018 Membership and continue your consecutive years of support.\

Stadium Accessibility

Which gate is going to be most convenient to access the Bill O'Reilly Stand?

Gate E will be the most convenient access point for Members coming from the Entertainment Quarter, EP3 or Central Station. After scanning in at Gate E, Members should follow the signs ans stadium staff direction directly along the Victor Trumper Stand concourse to the O'Reilly Stand.

I require wheelchair/mobility access. What is the easiest way for me to access the Bill O'Reilly Stand?

Members who require wheelchair/mobility access can be escorted by stadium staff directly along the Trumper tunnel for access to the O'Reilly Stand without any stairs. There are two (2) elevators available to provide access to upper tier seating (Gold/Silver).

Where are the closest disabled parking areas?

The closest disabled parking is located at the front of the EP3 car park (the fields across the road from the SCG on Driver Avenue). Disabled parking can also be found on the ground floor of the Entertainment Quarter car park.

2019 Membership Packages

When will I be able to see all available 2019 Membership packages?

2019 Membership packages including prices and additional benefits will be confirmed and advised in due course.

2019 Membership Benefits

Will there be any new Member benefits in 2019?

Our relocation to the SCG in 2019 and throughout the redevelopment process will allow for us to provide Sydney Roosters Members with some exciting new facilities and events on match days. Information regarding these benefits will be advised in due course prior to the 2019 Telstra Premiership Season.

To stay up to date with everything that’s happening with our 2019 SCG Relocation, please continue to check our SCG Relocation portal on our Membership website.

Still have more questions? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly Membership Team at membership@sydneyroosters.com.au or call 1300 EASTS1 (1300 327 871).