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2019 SCG Relocation Information

It’s an exciting time to be a Sydney Roosters Member! From 2019, work will commence on the rebuilding of our spiritual home, Allianz Stadium. At the conclusion of the re-build, Members and spectators will be able to enjoy a new, modern, world-class venue will be built that includes state-of-the-art facilities and improved transport initiatives making it easier to travel to and from the Moore Park precinct.

In the interim, the Roosters will call the historic Sydney Cricket Ground home, a venue where the Foundation Club has decades of rich history. We played our first match there in 1913, won our first Premiership there in 1923 and who can forget the glory days of 1974 and 1975 when one of the greatest teams in Roosters history won consecutive premierships at the SCG in front of a sold-out venue.

Indeed, the first try scored in rugby league at the SCG was scored by a Rooster when Dan Frawley scored for NSW in the 1911 match against the touring New Zealanders. The legendary Dally Messenger also notched a first in that match – becoming the first NSW captain to lead his state onto the famous ground. It’s no wonder Messenger has an SCG stand named after him alongside Don Bradman, Victor Trumper and Monty Noble.

To ensure Members have the opportunity to see the seating and facilities available at the Roosters’ new home, the Roosters will host an Open House on Sunday 29 July, prior to the Club’s Round 20 clash against the St George Illawarra Dragons. Members will have the chance to hear from the Club, ask questions and step out on to the hallowed SCG turf to access the proposed Member seating.

Our first step during this relocation is to manage the transition of our Reserved Seat Members to the SCG for the 2019 season. Our valued Bronze, Flexi and General Admission Members are not required to provide their seat group details for this relocation process.

The Club values loyalty, and as such, will recognise consecutive years of Membership as the primary factor when prioritising seating allocations at the SCG for 2019, and then again when we move back to the redeveloped Allianz Stadium.

Below, you will be able to gain an understanding of how the Sydney Roosters intend to relocate our Members during the redevelopment process. We do wish to acknowledge that this will be a lengthy and intricate process and appreciate your support and patience as we look to ensure a smooth and fair process for all Members.

Relocation Principles

Throughout the process, the Club will aim to reward loyalty with a fair and equitable system for each Membership category.

Loyalty Recognition

The Club values loyalty and as such, will recognise consecutive years of Membership as the primary factor when prioritising seat allocations for our relocation to the SCG and then again, when we move back to our new home.

Fairness and Equality

During this process, the Club aims to provide the best outcome for the entire Membership base, with no one group or individual Member favoured.

Seating Groups Priority

While the seating configuration is clearly different to what we are accustomed to at Allianz Stadium, the Club is working towards providing each Membership category with like for like seating where possible.

Please see the proposed map below that outlines where each category of Members will sit while we are at the SCG.

Reserved seat Members will be allocated based on their category of Membership including Chookpen Reserved, Gold and Silver with years of consecutive Membership determining their allocation priority.

Priority Group 1:

Longest serving Members in each category will be allocated first within their Membership category including Ultimate, Chookpen Reserved, Gold and Silver.

Members within each category must have an active paid 2018 Sydney Roosters Membership for that category as at 29 July, 2018.

Please note that the Chookpen will become a reserved seating section only in 2019, so all 2018 unreserved and flexi Chookpen Members will need to register their seating groups and leader.

Priority Group 2:

General Admission and Non-Ticketed (Bronze, Flexi, Supporter, Chookster) Members who would like to upgrade to a reserved seat for the 2019 season will need to contact our Membership Team on 1300 EASTS1 (1300 327 871) by COB Friday 3 August, 2018.

Priority Group 3:

Following the allocation of all current reserved seat Members, additional seats that are available will be offered to 2018 Members, with consecutive years of Membership given priority.

Members who would like to purchase additional seats next to them will be required to indicate this through the Seating Group Survey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Sydney Roosters Membership Team.

Priority Group 4:

New Members will be prioritised on their date of purchase when 2019 Roosters Memberships go on-sale.

New Members that opt in to our MyPay program will be given first preference among new Members.

Seat Allocation Process

Step 1: Forming Seating Groups

  • All reserved seat Members will receive an email that will require them to identify those people that they wish to be seated with at the SCG, to a maximum of 8 seats.
  • Members will have until 5:00pm Monday 13 August, 2018 to nominate their Seating Groups.
  • During this process, each Seating Group will be asked to nominate a ‘Seating Group Leader’ who will be the point of contact for the Seating Group with the Club during the relocation seating allocation process.
  • The majority of this process will be conducted online, with the important information being communicated to the Seating Group Leader via email. It is crucial that the Seating Group Leader has regular access to emails.
  • Please ensure that all Members within a Seating Group have the same Membership package to ensure that all Group Members are allocated in the correct seating categories. Where group Members differ in seating, the default allocation will be based on the category of the Seating Group Leader. As an example, if a Seating Group Member holds a Gold Membership, however the remaining group Members hold Silver Memberships, all Members of this group will be allocated in Gold seating and will therefore be required to pay for a Gold Membership.
  • Please note that each Member can only be a part of ONE (1) group. It is important that only ONE (1) Reserved Seat Grouping Form is completed per group.

Step 2: Seating Group Confirmation

  • Groups will be confirmed via email to the Seating Group Leader prior to the seating allocation process commencing.

Step 3: Member Seat Allocation

  • Each Membership category (including Ultimate, Chookpen Reserved, Gold and Silver) will be allocated into their specific seating areas based on the tenure of the Seating Group Leader.
  • During the seat allocation window, the Seating Group Leader will be contacted by the Club via email with details of the Seating Group’s allocation.
  • At this time the Seating Group Leader will have a limited time to request a change of seats if desired. The ability to change allocations will be entirely dependant on the number of remaining available seats.
  • Seating Groups will have ONE (1) opportunity to change their seats. The larger the group, the larger the restriction when it comes to changing allocations.

Step 4: Priority Group Two (2) Members

  • General Admission, reduced access and non-ticketed Members will then have the opportunity to upgrade to a reserved seat for 2019 with longest serving Members to have first preference.

Step 5: Offer Remaining Seats to Remaining Members

  • Any remaining reserved seats will then be offered to existing Members with seating allocations based on Membership tenure as defined by our Relocation Principles.

Step 6: Seats On-Sale to the General Public

  • All remaining seats will be made available to the general public to purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Alternatively, you can contact our friendly Membership Team on 1300 327 871 or membership@sydneyroosters.com.au