15704 2019 Members

Loyalty Program

Sydney Roosters Loyalty Program

The Sydney Roosters Membership program recognises the importance of our Members and how valued their commitment is to the Club. Each Member will be allocated into a Club according to the number of years of consecutive service. Duration of membership and milestones is measured according to financial years of consecutive membership. If you do not renew your Sydney Roosters Membership in any one season the duration will be reset to β€œfirst year member”.

Member Loyalty Patches

Members will receive loyalty patches dependent on their consecutive years of Membership. Each time a Member moves into a 'loyalty year', they will receive the appropriate patch. Example: a Member moving into their 3rd year will receive the Kevin Hastings Club patch.

Member Loyalty Keyrings

Members moving into loyalty years will also receive a coloured keyring based on their consecutive years of Membership. 3rd year Members will receive a Bronze keyring; 5 year Members will receive a Silver keyring; and 10 year Members will receive a Gold keyring. For each 5 years afterwards, Members will receive a Gold keyring (ie. 15, 20, 25 years).

10+ Year Members

For the second year in a row, Members with 10 or more consecutive years worth of Membership will now receive a unique Member card and lanyard with a Gold stripe.