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What is Roosters MyPay?

ROOSTERS MyPay – Making Membership easy and affordable!

Roosters MyPay is the Sydney Roosters Payment Program designed to remove the hassle of manually renewing your annual Membership. MyPay allows you to have your Membership automatically roll-over each season. You can choose whether to pay via equal monthly payments or one annual payment. Both options roll over each season however you are provided a window to upgrade, change or opt-out of your Membership in September each year.

Commit to Roosters MyPay and be rewarded – Roosters Legends Coin Series

In 2019, the first of a series of collectable coins featuring Club Legends will be released and available exclusively to Members on Roosters MyPay. The coin series will honour some of the greats of our Club and will be a fantastic collector item for our loyal Members.

If you’re a new or a renewing Member not currently on MyPay, select one of the MyPay payment options when joining/renewing to ensure you receive the first commemorative coin. Renewing Members already on MyPay will automatically receive this fantastic collectable.

Membership Loyalty

The Sydney Roosters value loyalty and recognise the consecutive years of your membership. It’s the primary consideration when prioritising reserved seating allocations which will be important when the time comes to relocate to the rebuilt Allianz Stadium.

When you’re on Roosters MyPay, we automatically roll over your annual Membership each season ensuring you don’t miss a key renewal date and lose your consecutive years of membership. To ensure you’re best positioned to secure one of the best seats in the new world class Allianz Stadium, make sure you’re on Roosters MyPay!

Roosters MyPay Terms & Conditions

If you would like to pay for your membership via instalments, we offer a payment plan through Roosters MyPay. Payments are applicable on a 5-month payment plan from October 2018 to February 2019 or a 10-month payment plan from October 2018 to July 2019.

Payments will be made in equal instalments with the first deduction commencing 17th October 2018 and final payment scheduled on the 17th February 2019 or 17th July 2019. If you sign up after the commencement of the payment schedule you will be required to make a catch up payment to ensure your account is up to date, then equal instalments will be deducted on the 17th of each month.

If Members are two or more payments behind schedule, the Club withholds the right to temporarily cancel your barcode until your account is made financial.

All customers purchasing via Roosters MyPay will have their account automatically rolled-over for the following season. All Members will be provided with an opportunity to opt out or change their package in September 2019 before the 2020 season roll over occurs.

Payments are deducted through the Sydney Roosters Membership program which is managed by Ticketmaster. Therefore you will see debits from Sydney Roosters/Ticketmaster on your bank statements following each deduction.

For further information regarding the Roosters MyPay program, please call the Membership Team 1300 327 871.